Credit Card Deposit on reservation:     

Credit card is to guarantee the reservation.

A Deposit of one FULL night rental amount is required for any reservation. THIS AMOUNT IS NON_REFUNDABLE once the reservation is made regardless of the date of cancellation. A credit card is required to hold any reservation.

Cancellations will be accepted with the following restrictions:

Holidays: MUST be pre-paid 30 days in advance & at this time are non-refundable

Over 30 days in advance: no additional charge after the non refundable deposit.

Cancellation Under 30 days:  Full reservation is NON refundable.

Reservations made for less than 30 days in advance: will be paid in full NON refundable from that point.

Changes must be made 30 days prior to reservation

 We need your credit card to guarantee your reservation.  Reservation is not cancel able once you make it. When you check in come into the lodge & bring your card.  If you do not show up we will charge your card for the entire balance.

 Day Use Parking:

Are you planning on parking here at the Resort on the gravel parking lot or over at the Forest service campground on the paved lot?  The 2 parking areas are separate. Wherever you choose to park is where you will pay. The passes are not interchangeable.  The forest service parking is on the right side of the road you came in on & our parking is on the left side of the road. If you go back over the speed bumps you are no longer on our property. Your pass is not valid anywhere except here.  If you park in the forest service lot you will be charged again by them.




Boat trailers go into boat trailer parking (no additional fee)

TE sites need to put the boat in their site.

Do you need mooring for your boat or are you planning on taking it in & out every day.  It is OK if you want to tie it up on shore as long as you don’t block the boat ramp or dock area. 

Boats & trailers must have a tag if they are in a slip or up in the boat parking.

 If using Mooring:     

Need 2 boat tags, one for the trailer & one for the boat.

 If just parking the trailer :  

Need 1 tag for the trailer only  (no tag needed for TE sites.)

 Tents in RV sites:         

Tents are only allowed in RV sites marked with a T

Tents need a manila tag & it goes on the outside of the tent

Only 1 tent per RV site.

  With a tent they may have 1 extra vehicle but it must be parked in over flow parking (in the RV overflow area if there is room or up in boat parking)

Boat Rental Cancelation:
There is
NO cancelation once the reservation has been made.

We cannot predict weather, so before you make your reservation please check the weather report, as there will be no refunds after the reservation is made.

Fish Lake is an irrigation lake. The water goes down over the summer. Some times by the middle of August the water is really low. Please call to check the water levels before making a reservation. If that is important to you.

Thank you,

Fish Lake Resort!